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Dec 07 2021

We're Thankful for U!

This month at UV was full of thankfulness for our wonderful Residents! We began the month by opening up our Renewal Season for Fall of 2022. Along with our Renewal Season, we had our Mega Renewal Giveaway where we had 3 Mega Prizes to give to our V.I.P Renewal Residents! The prizes included a MacBook Pro and Personal Printer Combo and 2 AirPod Pros! All of our Residents who joined our V.I.P List and Renewed for Fall of 2022 were eligible to win. This November, we also encouraged our Residents to spread kindness with our "Week of Well-Doing," which took place from November 8th to the 11th. We began our kindness week by having our Residents write words of encouragement on pieces of paper to tape on to our front desk for the whole community to see. Later on that same week, we had "US Sugar," a Florida Agricultural Organization, drop off 300 boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables to our Residents for free! This encouraged our Residents to be well to their bodies. We ended our week on World Kindness Day (November 11th) where a very special resident of ours (who chooses to remain anonymous) went around our property, planted cypress trees, and cleaned up garbage. We hope that this month our Residents were inspired to do good and feel good as we enter this holiday season! We are so thankful for our UV community and wish all of you a happy and joyful Thanksgiving.