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Oct 04 2021

Fall at UV!

Happy Fall UV! This month of September marks the beginning of fall festivities and cooler weather. This month we had a few different giveaways such as various Double-Tap Tuesday Gift Cards and we held our annual UV Crib Contest! Our Residents submitted photos of their living rooms during the first round and then photos of their bedrooms on the second round. During each round, the photos were posted anonymously to our Instagram Story and gave spectators an opportunity to vote for their favorites. Each winner with the greatest number of points during each round won a $100 Target Gift Card!

This month we also began our Trivia Thursdays, which have proven to be a hit! Our Trivia has taken place by the pool (weather permitting) and our Residents have participated while answering questions from themes such as Movies, Songs, and even "The Office." Ice Pops were given out and the First, Second, and Third place winners received various UV Promo items.

We wrapped up our September month with a "Flapjacks and Flannels" event where our Maintenance Supervisor, Nick, and our Leasing Manager, Devina, wore flannels and cooked pancakes for our Residents in the Grand Room. There were games to play, various other fall treats to eat, and a Fall Basket giveaway. To enter the Fall Basket giveaway, the Resident had to be wearing a flannel and had to write their name on a ticket for a random drawing at the end of the day.

Overall, this month has been a great one here at UV! We are so excited for October and the many more fun events and festivities that we have planned for our wonderful Residents.