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The Residences at University Village | Week Of Welcome
The long awaited time has come! Almost 600 of our residents are now officially living the Village life, enjoying all of the amenities we have to offer, as well as participating in our resident-life events! We hosted our first official Week of Welcome and it was a hit! The week was jam packed with activities and goodies for our residents. Want to know the details? -Breakfast On the Go: Residents were able to stop by the office and grab breakfast to ensure a successful start to their day off with the most important meal of the day! -Grocery Bingo: By providing free groceries, snacks, drinks, and a fun environment, we had over 75 residents participate and 10 lucky ones walked away with free groceries and care packages. -Pizza and PJs: We kept the good times rolling with free pizza and music later in the week. What made it even better...everyone was in their most comfortable pajamas! -Candy Bar and Fitness Friday with Free Smoothies: We teamed up with some of our neighbors at our on-site retail and were able to provide sweat treats all week. Talk about the sweet life! We had a fantastic first month experience with our residents and can’t wait for the many more months and events that lie ahead!