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The Residences at University Village | August is always an exciting time for University Village!
We welcomed Phase II to our UV family and grew to 924 residents. Move-in day was busy for everyone and we are so excited to have another great year! After residents got settled into their new homes, we launched our 2nd annual Week of Welcome! 8/19 Monday: Team UV hosted a breakfast on the go for the first day of classes! We had bagels, donuts, coffee, breakfast sandwiches and so much more! It was the perfect start to the week! 8/20 Tuesday: We know that grocery trips can be a hassle especially during the first week of school, so Team UV had it covered with Grocery Bingo! We got 10 full grocery bags stuffed with Mac and cheese, cereal, bread, peanut butter, jelly and many other goodies. We even had a raffle for a brand new vacuum. The club room was packed from wall to wall and our winners were ecstatic to call BINGO. 8/21 Wednesday: Wednesday's event was Walking Taco's! We know our residents are always on the go, so what's better than a taco in a chip bag! It was a delicious, quick meal and it was perfect to have poolside. 8/22 Thursday: Thursday evening we headed down to Phase ll to serve it up at the volleyball courts! We had music and drinks and had some residents out there playing lakeside. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and it ended with a beautiful UV sunset. 8/23 Friday: First week of classes ended, so we thought our residents needed some sweet treats. We had cupcakes, cookie cakes, candy and other sweet treats. It was a sweet way to end the week. 8/24 Saturday: To officially end week of welcome, we had to have one of our legendary pool parties. We had plenty of burgers, hot dogs & drinks! Also, Red Bull and Jimmy John's donated drinks and chips. After our pool party ended, a Taste of UV started across at the shops, which was a great event to sample some of the items the stores have to offer! We loving putting on these amazing events for our residents and can't wait to have more throughout the year!